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The contemplative path honors the beauty of waiting and attending and witnessing what it is that wants to emerge.  The soul always offers us more richness than we can imagine, if we'll only make space and listen.

--Christine Valters Paintner

Spiritual direction is an ancient tradition, but my favorite description is a modern one--In Holy Listening, Margaret Guenther calls it “spiritual midwifery.”  After giving birth to my first child, my midwife later said that she attended my birth.  This seemed passive given her role in my birth experience, but I came to understand and cherish the agency she rightly attributed to me. 

In spiritual midwifery, I attend someone’s life story being born in the day-to-day; I attend these births with different skills in listening and noticing, dream work and Enneagram, wisdom of the body and art as pilgrimage.  Perhaps a story would struggle to get born without these skills, but the agency is not mine. 

Because I believe the Sacred is present and moving with every person, in every part of life, my work in spiritual midwifery is a practice of accompaniment as your stories are born, expressed and lived.  This work holds a space for you to experience and recognize how the Sacred is moving and creating in your every moment, discovering what kind of partnership you have with the Divine in bringing forth your very own life. 


Often times people come to spiritual direction because they want to grow in their relationship with the Divine, they need discernment or sense an upcoming major life change.  These are wonderful reasons to come.  

As well, coming to a session with just a need for refuge or even the most mundane bit of life material to explore can open up a universe of insight and movement in your life.  


"What is going on in your innermost being is worthy of your whole love."

~Rainer Maria Rilke

What spiritual midwifery means to some of the people I work with:

ashley byrd.jpg

"In spiritual direction with SL, I've encountered an invitation toward an increased awareness of constant Presence, calling me to stop and become present regularly. This regular ‘presentness’ to God's movement has allowed me to move in my life with clarity and empowerment" --Jess



"This past year of spiritual direction with Sarrah Lynne has been literally life changing.  Our time has been so critical in helping me discern the loving voice of the Divine and has focused the alignment of my work with my calling.  Spiritual direction has rooted my inner life in my true identity."--Ash


"In spiritual direction, I have discovered that movement is an important element to my spiritual life; I'm now planning a backyard labyrinth so that I can better connect with the Spirit.  Sarrah Lynne is a gift to the Native people she accompanies because she helps us better understand where and how we are finding life in our traditions and ancient wisdom.”--Megan



About Sarrah Lynne

I have a certificate in Spiritual Direction from North Park University in Chicago and a certificate in Dream Tending from Dr. Stephen Aizenstat at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara.  Dreams are a portal to the soul, and learning the language of dreams can be vital in listening to the life that longs to live in you. I am trained in Enneagram work by the Journey Center of Chicago and use this tool often in spiritual direction.  Alongside one-on-one spiritual direction and dream work, I write and host personal or group retreats and offer group spiritual direction.


I have a BA in Studio Art from Whitman College--Art is prayer and pilgrimage in my own spiritual practice, and I come to the work of spiritual direction with this perspective, using the visual arts and dance in sessions when desired.  


I experience and honor the divinity of Christ and practice Celtic Christianity, where Nature is a primary source of revelation; however, we do not need to have the same acknowledged Ground to work together in spiritual midwifery--I have served people of different spiritual orientations for over 20 years.  All are welcome; all stories are honored and held in sacred space. 


To make this work accessible, I use a sliding fee scale, and our first session is free.  At this time, I'll hear from you about what you're hoping for, and I'll share some about how a spiritual direction session differs from therapy or a talk between friends.  If at the end of our time, or even after reading this, you are interested in meeting with someone of a different feel, please see the vast listing of spiritual directors from around the world at Spiritual Directors International--  


If the content above resonates and you sense a stirring to schedule a session, I look forward to hearing from you. (I currently host all sessions on Zoom.)

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