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Vernal Equinox Soul Garden

Monday, March 21st,11am-Noon PDT

*online via Zoom


III welcome you to a group soul care hour as we near the Vernal Equinox. We'll begin with a short time of greetings and then a guided meditation for your reflection time-- Bring a journal and any desired art supplies for pondering the garden plot that is your life in this season. What do you want to add to your soil for root-nourishment? What needs to be removed from past seasons to make room for something new? What do you want to plant that yields strength, vitality, delight? In the Celtic imagination the material speaks to and intertwines with the spiritual, so a time of growing in the physical is a time of growing in the spiritual. You may choose to stay in private meditation in the last portion of our time or join a small group that will be led in the way of simple, reflective listening. 



Cost: Suggested $20, but contribute what works for you. 


See you Januarry 29th!

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